Improve returns on your real estate portfolio

Our software automates. Saves time. And yields better returns.

This is how we help you lay out an optimal real estate strategy

With our innovative software, real estate managers and their stakeholders gain more control, further insight and better returns.

The 3 advantages of our software


Analyze your KPIs with interactive data

Property management

Automate reporting and let your clients log in.


Real-time visualizations from your software service.

Real-time insight  into your entire performance

We can help you as a real estate investor or real estate investment manager to gain a better insight more frequently into the profitability of your portfolios. This will save precious time.

Better decisions and a boost for your stakeholders
All of the applications in our software ensure that you can make better real estate decisions. For now and in the future. In addition, are you aware that sharing this information will lead to a better collaboration with your stakeholders, such as financiers?

Software suppliers
Are you a supplier of software to real estate companies? Then use our real-time visualizations and KPI dashboards (white label) via your own software. Read more >

This is how it works (in just a few clicks)

Fundstar always retrieves its information from the source systems in automated form. As a result, all of the data is real-time, validated, clean and up to date.

Ready in just one click. Goodbye Excel!
Make use of all sorts of convenient applications. This will help you to analyse your profitability and portfolios, and make cross-sections. You can see straight away how your returns are built up. But also how you are performing in relation to the external benchmark or your budget. You will have this insight in just a few clicks. This will not only help you to save time, but also to make better decisions. For now and for the future.

This is how we help you choose the optimal real estate strategy

Check out the main functionalities


Clean real-time data
All of the information comes out of your source systems in automated form. This means that all of the data is real-time, validated, clean and up to date.

Live data connection

A direct connection with relevant data, in real-time and on-demand.


Gain a direct insight into your current performance. All of the KPIs that are relevant to you presented in a single overview, always up to date and interactive.

Debt overview

A direct insight into your loans and repayment schemes.


Spoil your stakeholders
Fundstar provides you and your stakeholders with a direct insight into all operational KPIs. This will improve your relationship.

Stakeholder reporting

Automatically generated reports. Allow stakeholders access to high-quality interactive reports and improve your relationship.

Extract data

Improve the workflow of your clients by ensuring easy access for all to high-quality data.


Analyse your KPIs with the help of interactive data visualizations and tell a story with precise facts and figures.


Make better decisions

Make use of profound insights into better strategic real estate decisions. Improve your organization’s health. 

More insights

Study your rent flows, benchmark your service costs, research your WAULT. Discover the impact on performance & risk by adding projects.


Study the effects on performance and risk if you change the leverage. Simulate changes in equity, inflation and much more.

Hold/sell analysis

Simulate scenarios and see the difference in performance and risk.

This is what makes Fundstar so unique

Fundstar is the only software for real estate companies to give a real-time insight in former, current and future performance. Clear visualizations and ease of use complete the picture.

Up-and-running in a matter of days
We have by now connected dozens of large and smaller real estate companies to our software. This happens fast and does not cause work interruptions or failures. New clients can start using our many applications within a couple of days.

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We continue to develop new applications

We are proud of all of our clients and partners

“FundStar is a real connector!”

“We have more control now over the build-up of our portfolio performance. The insights provided by FundStar allow for easy and effective interaction.”

Cyril van den Hoogen - CFO

Altera Vastgoed

“The number one solution for stakeholders”

“Orange IM improves efficiency, control and transparency for all stakeholders involved. Improves the analysis and reports of management and converter performance.”

Jouke Schneider - Director

Orange Investment Management


The ideal solution for software suppliers

Use all of our features starting from your software solution

White label

Give your clients direct, in-app access to dashboards, reports, scenarios, other state-of-the-art data visualizations.

Enrich your product

Improve the workflow of your clients by making sure that easy access to high-quality data is available to all.

Experience the advantages yourself

Did we arouse your curiosity? We will be happy to drop by to demonstrate all the possibilities Fundstar has to offer.

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